Photo of Me

Hi! I'm currently a senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Computer Science: Computer Game Design with an expected graduation date of December 2018. I have a particular interest in game development, full stack web development, and artificial intelligence.
This past school year, I worked on my senior capstone game, Kleptonaut, as Lead Producer and Programmer. Kleptonaut won the Grand Prize at the 2018 Sammy Showcase, an event showcasing all ~26 senior games made at UC Santa Cruz. Along with my capstone, I also explored AI in a Natural Language Processing class, where I built a QA Engine to answer simple factoid questions. This summer, I am working at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer Intern for the Prime Content Management Experience team. As a soon-to-be graduate, I am looking for any entry level opportunities available starting in 2019.


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Additional projects can be found on my Github.

Current Project

Kleptonaut is a top-down action puzzle game built in Unity3D made for the year long senior capstone. Roles: Lead Producer, Developer<br><a href='http://www.kleptonautgame.com'>Website</a>

Previous Projects

PCGTerrain is a terrain generator that uses Perlin Noise and the xxHash hashing algorithm to create the geography of a pseudo-realistic infinite world.<br><a href='PCGTerrain/'>Website</a>
Privacy Protector is a 2D survival arcade game where you play as your mouse protecting your computer from viruses. Role: Lead Developer<br><a href='https://seshelle.itch.io/privacy-protector'>Website</a>
PCGWebsite is an experimental front-end procedural website generator using Tracery.js grammars and Bootstrap/JQuery. Role: Developer<br><a href='PCGWebsite/'>Website</a>